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Using This Time: Re-opening Readiness

  • August 11, 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Online
  • 18


  • This webinar is designed for performing artists and small presenting organizations, but all are welcome. Registration is limited, so we can maintain
  • This webinar is offered free for current members of the List, as part of the celebration surrounding our new website. Please join us, and we'll all be ready to re-open with a bang!

As the arts gear up to rebuild and create events and programs, NOW is the time to clarify your focus and get your act together. Start here.

Don't wait
As the world and the arts start to open up again, this summer offers an extraordinary chance to refocus what you'd like to be doing, identify where your own strengths and weaknesses are, and get your marketing materials, skills, equipment and network connections strong and prepped for that moment when opportunity knocks again.

The hard truth
If you don't put this time to work for your future, someone else will. They'll be ready. They will have learned the skills, set up the tools and built the relationships that will help them. But you can still gear up and get your ducks in a row, making this your moment.

Start now

In this webinar, we'll address these issues and help you find both hope and a clearer focus, so you know what you want to accomplish while you're NOT otherwise engaged. You'll leave with a clearer vision of not only where you're headed, but what ACTION steps you'll take tomorrow, and the next day, and the next... Just think what you can accomplish in the next year if you start right now and work consistently. Let's get started!

This is just the beginning

This is a starting point, and there will be more work to tackle once the session is done. But this is the kick in the butt that will send you into the reopening of the arts world with a plan and a sense of possibility. After the initial presentation of about 45 minutes, Lauri will stick around to answer questions.

Each registered attendee will get a printable mini-workbook that will help them follow along and get immediately engaged with this approach, and to start planning their Next Actions right away.

If you need more support after the seminar, you can always book a seat at one of our upcoming Group Coaching series, or book some one-on-one time with Lauri. But even if you choose to continue on your own or with a buddy (we all need those!), this session will get you started on that very important road.

How much?

Because the steps we'll show you can make or break your success post-pandemic, we're making it FREE for current Lauri's List members, as one of the many efforts to help you do more than simply survive this time.

But because these ideas are so essential to all kinds of performers, creators, arts administrators and others in the arts, we're also making it available to the general public for just $15.

You'd spend that on a movie, right? Make your own popcorn and get more for your buck by hanging out with us, instead.

What to expect

Once you register, you'll get an automated confirmation through Eventbrite. We'll also send you a final confirmation, Zoom link and a printable workbook the day before the event. Be sure to watch your email!

Still not sure?

Contact us and let us know if you have any questions. We can help you figure out if this is a good fit for you. There are no obligations to continue with additional coaching -- this our gift to our membership and the vocal community. It's a resource that we hope can help a lot of people.

The most important lesson: you're not in this alone.

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